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 Terms of Service

By using the services of Remote PC Fixers you are acknowledging that you have reviewed all the contents on the Terms of Service page and agree to the Terms of Service contents and paragraphs.

1) Remote PC Fixers will diagnose and repair your computer system or website using sophisticated  technologies and methods that will enable staff members to provide you a accurate diagnosis, and estimate of costs.

2) The client of  Remote PC Fixers will have made recent backups of all data, programs, system software, and website prior to Remote PC Fixers commencing repairs of  client’s computer or website.

3) Remote PC Fixers isn’t responsible for any loss of data due or website downtime due to faulty backups, faulty hardware, software, or in the case when malicious elements are removed from client’s computer system or website.

4) After service is completed by Remote PC Fixers then payment for all costs will be made online by Paypal using a major credit card.

5) If during service by Remote PC Fixers a hardware or website related issue is encountered then the client is still responsible for a diagnosis fee determined by the amount of time used by Remote PC Fixers to arrive at said conclusion.

6) Remote PC Fixers is not liable for any future damages arising from repairing a client’s damaged computer system, or website, and Remote PC Fixers will not be held liable for any expenses, damages, costs, lost revenue, or any other damages arising from client’s faulty software, hardware, lack of backups of data, programs, and system software, or firewall and virus protection, or out of date software, and or hardware.

7)  Remote PC Fixers will remove all malicious elements and viruses, clean, tune, and optimize client’s computer or website to client’s satisfaction. There will not be a warranty for any future viruses or malicious elements that may reappear on client’s computer system, or website, and Remote PC Fixers will not be held liable for any future software or hardware issues occurring.  

8)  Remote PC Fixers website design services are done on a per hour basis for new and existing sites. If doing maintenance work for existing sites that Remote PC Fixers didn't create then all work will be considered "as-is" without any guarantees or warranty, and Remote PC Fixers doesn't assume any responsibility for any future problems arising from website functionality caused by virus or malware attacks, out of date software, un-maintained code, lack of backups, original design flaws, lack of firewall or virus protection, or any other kinds of attacks caused by any unknown factors, reasons, situations, and computers using affected website that become infected will not hold Remote PC Fixers liable for any damages whatsoever upon using website.

9) Remote PC Fixers will strictly honor the confidentiality of client’s data, and purpose of use either business, or personal usage.

10) In the event of any disagreements between Remote PC Fixers and client then the laws of the State of Ohio using binding arbitration will be used to resolve any and all disputes between Remote PC Fixers and client, and both parties waive all and any rights to resolve disputes in any court of law. 

11) A straight $35 dollars per hour will apply to all computer repair work, excluding Data Recovery, case forensic work, after normal business hours, and Holiday days of the year.

12) All and any binding arbitration procedures shall be brought forth in Hamilton County, Ohio and both parties will be responsible for any costs including attorney fees and any and all costs arriving to arbitration procedures including travel, hotel, taxi, etc. Each party agrees that the laws and proceedings of the State of Ohio will determine any damages and settlements. This paragraph is intended to be and shall be construed as a forum selection clause, and the parties agree to bound hereto.

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Client Testimonials
We were about to give up and buy a new computer when I contacted you. Now our computer is running so much better and will hopefully last a lot longer. The service was very reasonable. You can’t beat not having to leave your house to get the work done. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a computer tune up!

Janet - Des Moines Iowa

There are no pop ups now and that is awesome. I ran one of the virus scans you gave me and it came up that there were no viruses. Things are fine now, after you fixed my laptop!

Barb - West Palm Beach, Florida

This service is so much better than taking it to the shop and leaving it there for weeks. I was able to get it done in the comfort of my home in my pajamas. The work is incredible and my computer has never ran this fast! Thanks so much for everything!

Cindy – Albuquerque, NM

YOU Rock MY WORLD!! Like I said...YOU be my rockSSSSTAR! Thank you thank you thank you SO much!

Sue - Columbia South Carolina

Tom is an expert in his field and very passionate about his work. He is willing to take the extra step to make sure the customer is satisfied with the result. My recent December 2008 experience was finding a Trojan Virus on my home PC, which was completely cleaned and recovered in less than 2 hours after sending a message to Tom through his LinkedIn site

Steve - Chicago, IL

I highly recommend Remote PC Fixers to do the job! The other guys tried and their last comment was that I would have to wipe the disc clean and reformat but thanks to Tom Shedd and Remote PC Fixers, Inc. that would happen only in someone else dreams! Tom You Rock!

Pam – Outer Banks, NC

Computer is still working fine after 8 months thanks to you.

Steve - British Columbia Canada

I don't make a move without checking with you my computer doctor first!!!!

Carol - Denver Colorado

Tom is a very talented PC fixer. He was truly concerned about what was invading my computer. My needs were put first and that isn't easy to find anymore. I had total confidence in his abilities and he was so easy to talk to; very personable. My problem was fixed and my computer runs great! He even explained to me how to help prevent the viruses from coming back and left me with excellent software to use. Thanks Tom!

Stacey - University of Southern California
My computer was on it's last leg! I work from home so I needed help fast!! My computer would barely boot up. My internet browser would open up automatically with pop-up ads. It was such a mess!! I called Tom and within minutes, he was fixing my computer and finding all kinds of spyware and key logging programs. Tom had my computer fixed in less than a day and I was able to get right back to work!! Thanks Tom!

Sonja - Stuart FL
I'm a small business owner and experienced issues with my two PC’s which were slowing down my production considerably. Within four hours, Tom was able to fix my problems. What suit me best was the fact that Tom could remotely log into my PC allowing me to continue my daily work functions while he repaired my computers. His service is second to none!

Christian M. Shalay Owner - Red Wing Properties, LLC Cincinnati, Ohio
Tom.....Computer is smokin' and that is a very good thing. Thanks again for the speedy service.

Todd - Kansas City, Missouri

Tom's work is quite impressive. He fixed some serious problems with my computer in minutes. This was done remotely so there was no hassle and I didn't have to take my computer to a store I'd highly recommend his services.

Tim - Los Angles California

Tom did amazing work on my computer. He made the whole process as easily and comfortable as possible, and the speed of my computer is as fast as when I first purchased it.

Mike - Denver Colorado

Tom at Remote PC Fixers Inc has been my salvation. Tom can connect remotely to my computer and fix my computer problems while I watch from the convenience of my desk at home. No hauling computers to the shop. No waiting in lines. No hassle.

Sue - San Francisco, California

Tom was professional, extremely knowledgeable and courtesy in resolving our computer problems. He was able to remote access our laptop and remove excessive adware and potential threats to our computer. The computer runs like new again!

Mike Adams - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Thank you for excellent service in getting my desktop Dell to run faster than it has in years. I was impressed with your knowledge and appreciated your patience. In addition, thank you for being fair with the cost for the work.

Monica - Big Sky, Montana

My kid's computer was running incredibly slow. Tom remotely accessed the computer while I watched the screen. He was able to go into the computer and clean out the junk that had been accumulating for the last 3 years. He was able to discern what had to stay and what could be cleaned out. The computer runs much more efficiently thanks to Mr. Shedd!

Diane - Austin, Texas

I contacted Remote PC Fixers when I picked up some nasty spyware that was taking over my computer. He spent nearly 7 hours working on it and got it back up as fast as the day it came out of box. The cost would have been much more if I had taken it to someone else. Money well spent! Thanks a lot Tom, I truly appreciate all you did.

Jack - Las Vegas, Nevada

Remote PC Fixers and Tom, You are better than a antibiotic!

Captain Raymond, USN (Retired) - York, Maine

From their office Remote PC Fixers connects online to my computer and fixes my computer gliches while I watch from my desk at work. After 30 years working on IT systems for P&G, GE, Cinti Bell problems that I see as monumental seem simplistic to Tom. Tom also provided me with insight on computer maintenance. It feels good to have someone that I have confidence and trust to help me with my computer and at reasonable fees.

Cindy - Cincinnati, OH

Thank you Remote PC Fixers, I was about to throw away my PC just before I called you. You were able to sign on to my PC and fix all my problems online as I watched in disbelieve! My PC is running faster and smoother just like new again. You had my PC running in 2 hours and only charged about 1/2 what a repair shop would charge.

Mike Smith - Aspen, Colorado

Your remote PC fixing services are awesome! Fast, friendly and professional service! I did not have to unplug everything from my computer, haul it to a repair shop and wait for them to fix it! I don't know how I got all the viruses. I certainly appreciate you taking care of removing them. Many, many thanks!

Rick - Pittsburg, PA

My computer had problems. Remote PC Fixers was able to remotely remove unnecessary programs and files that were slowing things down. It was very convenient to get everything done with a phone call and a few clicks. Tom is very knowledgeable and patient. Thanks Tom.

Karen - Cincinnati, Ohio -

Your remote computer repair service is better than the Geek Squad could ever give at a fraction of the cost and my computer is still working better than new 6 months later! Thanks

Steve - Edmunton, Alberta Canada

Expert in his field and very passionate about his work. My recent experience was finding a Trojan Virus on my home PC. Remote PC Fixers completely cleaned and recovered my computer in less than 2 hours after making connection to Tom through his LinkedIn site! I highly recommend Remote PC Fixers your computer! The ‘other guys’ tried and their last comment was that I would have to wipe the disk clean and reformat. Thanks to Remote PC Fixers that never had to happen!

Pamela, Columbia, SC

I was finally overwhelmed with threatening error messages and came close to trashing my computer but luckily I found Remote PC Fixers on Google. Tom's technical knowledge and expertise was "top shelf". He is a personable person with a sense of humor and handles himself in a professional manor that sets him apart from the rest and was able to repair computer remotely while I watched in amazement.

James - New York, NY

I couldn't be happier with this service and they fixed my desktop computer over the internet as I watched in disbelief. You don't have to call some stranger to come to your home or haul your PC to a repair shop to get a computer repair, and wait for days, Tom can fix your PC right now as you watch him!

Mike - Baltimore, MD

Remote PC Fixers are great people and very knowledgeable. The service was excellent and real quick. I am extremely pleased with their work and I highly recommended their service.

John - Washington D.C.

Thank you for the work you did on my sister's computer. I was skeptical having gotten your add on Craigslist but after seeing how your able to remote into to my computer to repair and recover the pictures off the hard drive, I was delighted and happy. The price of the repair was reasonable and the work, high quality. Thank you for fixing it and cleaning the registry. I will refer anyone with computer repairs needs!

Doug - Cincinnati, OH

I had many computer viruses and despite trying several commercially available anti-virus programs including Kaspersky, Norton and McAfee, they all failed to repair the problem. We even called the Geek Squad and they recommended a clean reload of Windows XP, but we have too many applications and data to reload. Remote PC Fixers was able to get rid of the viruses and save all of my applications. Thanks a Million!

Susan - Miami Florida

Thank you so much, you guys are the friendliest bunch and the best! All my friends and family will be told what a wonderful job you have done for us. The people at Best Buy and the Geek Squad said we needed a new motherboard, how wrong they were!

Becky - Chicago, Illinois

The support person I used was very helpful and patient with me because I'm very inexperienced with computer problems and he was exceptionally professional, helpful and friendly. This ugly problem turned into a wonderful solution as I watched and the experience in the comfort of my home was painless!

Debbie - Phoenix, Arizona

The technical guy went far and above the call of duty and my expectations. My problem was very difficult but he solved it quickly, where other companies had failed, like PC On Call, and Geeks on Call!

Bob - Seattle, WA

Remote PC Fixers was able to fix my virus problems were software like BitDefender, AVG, Trend Micro, and Norton didn't fix the problem. They were able to fix those problems and tune up my system to run better than new.

John - Jersey City, NJ

Thanks so much because the support at Dell was worthless, and I was on hold for 45 minutes and their people just read back scripted answers to difficult problems and the technical support at Microsoft wasn't much better. Your remote service was the solution to my problems and it was handled in a calm professional way.

Martha - Baltimore, Maryland

The computer repair service was fast, friendly, and affordable. I'm lucky enough to live in Cincinnati allowing me to dropped off my computer, needing my full-to-bursting 80GB drive cloned and swapped for a new 1000GB drive. Boom! Done! Three hours later I'm picking up my perfectly running computer. Next time I need ANYTHING computer-wise Remote PC Fixers are my first call. with Tom. You won't finding that kind of talent at Best Buy.

Jim Cole M.D. - Cincinnati OH

I am so happy I chose Remote PC Fixers as my personal IT professional. When my computer crashed their expertise in computer repair was immediately apparent. He had my computer up and running and at a cost that was reasonable and fair. Remote PC Fixers is now my go-to computer repair company for all of my computer problems. They can work on my computer virtually, saving me both time and money. I would recommend him and have to anyone looking for a great IT professional.

Kelly - New York City, NY

I have a small business that depends on the customers generated from my website. When my hard drive crashed during the holidays last December I panicked. The company that designed my website referred me to Tom. He met with me the day I called him. He was knowledgeable, professional and was able to calm my fears. Thanks Tom, for saving my business!

Connie - Cincinnati, Ohio

My computer was running like crap. The blue screen of death, pop ups, error messages, microsoft office won't open and many more. I contacted Tom. He said he could fix ALL of these problems remotely. I thought, yea right! I gave him a try due to the convenience. I watched as he fixed all of my computer FROM MY HOME!!! I was sold! He also gave me advice on how to keep my computer virus free. You're the best!

Happily satisfied, Allena - Columbus, Ohio

Remote PC Fixers was able to fix our PC remotely were others failed and had us up and running faster in 2 hours time!

Richard - Boston, Massachusetts

Our PCs ran better than new after Remote PC Fixers tuned them up!

Jenny - Cincinnati, Ohio

I called Remote PC Fixers for a computer virus and Tom immediately signed into my computer remotely and found a very nasty virus and malware that was messing up my computer. Tom was able to rid the virus and malware before any real damage was done, and my computer runs better than new!

Cindy - Burlington Vermont

Remote PC Fixers was able to fix my daughter's laptop within hours during a holiday weekend. I accidentally knocked it off the desk the hard drive was damaged. Tom was able to recover the data and have the laptop working like new again. Remote PC Fixers are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly!

Charlie - Minneapolis, Minnesota

A painless encounter as Tom from Remote PC Fixers signed in through the internet and able to diagnose and fix my computer, and installed the best antivirus. Tom is a professional and knows there is more to business than repairing computers, and customer service to Remote PC Fixers is just as important.

Steve - Washington D.C.

My computer was running so slow that I called and Remote PC Fixers and they had me back up and running in a few hours!

Mike - Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you for the excellent computer work you did, my problems were solved in a very short period of time remotely. Best of all was your patience, trustworthiness and results beyond expectations. Thank you for being a man of your word. I have already distributed you business cards to many of my friends and clients.

Bill - Phoenix, Arizona

I was really in a bind when I got a virus right before exams. Remote PC Fixers cleaned up my computer remotely and had me back up studying that same day

Maggie - Chicago, Illinois

I called Remote PC Fixers to repair my computer. I had a computer virus and pop ups taking over my computer! Remote PC Fixers had my computer fixed the same day! I was amazed how you were able to access my computer when it was really quite messed up and wouldn’t boot at all. Patient and kind customer service! I would highly recommend you to anyone with a computer problem!

Susan - Philadelphia, PA

Remote PC Fixers was very professional and started working on my computer immediately. Plus the quote given was accurate. My computer is working better than new now. Thank You!!

Denise - Denver, Colorado

The Remote PC Fixers technician was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job! Everything was so well explained and he treated me with a lot of respect. None of my questions were laughed at or put down like other places I have dealt with. The computer runs wonderful. And the price was very reasonable and this kind of service is invaluable to me!

Karen Orlando FL

I am really happy that Remote PC Fixers was able to recover the data from my computer that failed. I didn’t have a backup and thought everything was lost. Remote PC Fixers was able to recover all my lost data and install a new hard drive and XP in the same day!

Jack - Cincinnati, Ohio

Remote PC Fixers helped me with my Dell desktop. The computer ran so slow I was ready to trash it till a friend told me about Remote PC Fixer. I called and immediately got help and my computer runs like new, I'm talking fast. I would recommend Remote PC Fixers to anyone who has computer problems!

Pete - Indianapolis, Indiana

I was very impressed with the service from Remote PC Fixers. They were able to remotely fix the viruses and malware. They also did the required XP updates and installed a anti-virus system. I would recommend this company to anyone, Thank You!

Crissy - San Diego, CA

I panicked when my computer went blank and I was working on a major project due the next day for a project meeting. I called Remote PC Fixers and they were able to restore my computer to a better than new condition remotely. I was able to give my presentation the next day. Remote PC Fixers saved the day for me!

Karen - Milwaukee WI

When I have serious computer problems, the very first place I called is Remote PC Fixers. They remotely sign into my computer immediately and always fix the computer issues. The people at Remote PC Fixers are very smart and highly recommend to anyone, the service is excellent

Tim - Jacksonville, Florida

Many of the people in my organization use Remote PC Fixers to take care of their IT and computer needs. They are the best in the business, and I highly Remote PC Fixers for their knowledge, professionalism, and getting the job done right, and they can fix these problems remotely!

Jim - Tampa, FL

I’m completely satisfied with Remote PC Fixers. They signed onto my PC thru the internet and worked with a professional, pleasant and knowledgeable way . He took his time explaining what he was doing what he was going to do and explained in common terms that I could understand what was needed to solve my computer problems. I feel comfortable in recommending Remote PC Fixers to anyone!

Jeff - Billings, Montana

We had a serious computer system crash and everything was down. We called Dell but they couldn’t help us so, in a panic, we called Remote PC Fixers. Their technical support staff was responsive, courteous and had us back up in running that day!

Steve - Oklahoma City, OK

Remote PC Fixers fixed my computer like the way I wanted it fixed in the first place. The Geek Squad was a total waste of my time and charged me a big bill. Tom was able to get to the root of the problem and fix it online without any drama in a couple hours!

Susan - Los Angeles, CA

Remote PC Fixers did a great job of fixing our computer issues and did it all over the internet without any problem. We have recommended Remote PC Fixers to all our friends and family and we give you many thanks for your help to us!

Ruth - Long Beach, California

Remote PC Fixers was very helpful and knowledgeable. I had fought this problem for weeks and called all my friend for help and even called Microsoft and still couldn’t fix my computer problem. I call Tom at Remote PC Fixers and he signed on remotely and had the problems fixed in a matter of hours. He explained to me in common terms what the problem was. Thank You so much!

Sam - Sacramento, CA

Remote PC Fixers was terrific and would highly recommend them to anyone. They diagnosed my computer problem correctly and quickly and was able to have my computer working in a matter of hours at a reasonable cost. I didn’t even have to take my computer to a repair shop, all the work was done over the internet remotely, thanks so much!

Kathy - Houston, Texas

Remote PC Fixers was able to clean up my computer, restore lost data and get rid of Adware, Malware and all of my computer virus problems that would just get worse with each boot up. Thanks Remote PC Fixers, you saved not just my computer but my business lot of time and money!

Christopher - Atlanta GA


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