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Are Viruses, Spyware, Pop-Ups, Slowing Your PC or Laptop?

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Nationwide Instant computer repair. Computer slow? Get help today. Remote PC Fixers.

Online Remote Computer Repair - We come to YOU to fix your computer, Remotely!

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How Remote Computer Repair Works:

During your live remote PC or Laptop repair session, you will be able to watch all repairs LIVE on your computer screen while we diagnosis and repair your PC or Laptop.

You will be able see every move we make on your computer.

We will also remain on the phone with you, if you wish, to answer any questions you may have during our computer diagnostics and repairs. In turn, helping you learn how to keep malicious viruses from entering your computer.

You will be able to assume control of your computer at any time during the repair session allowing you to remain in control.

When we are finished repairing your PC or Laptop, we will permanently remove our connection and we will not be able to reconnect, unless you choose to reinstall the remote connection program for further service.

Why Remote Computer Repair?

  • Perfect for business people; On-The-Road, Work-At-Home Professionals and students.

  • Why deal with all the hassles and expensive of on-site technicians, or taking your PC or Laptop into a computer shop and waiting for days for a repair, when you can have your computer repaired in the comfort of your home or office?   You can watch and talk to our technicians as your PC is being repaired. A computer repair shop like the Geek Squad will charge over $200 dollars for the same service!

  • Our Online Computer Remote Repair services will save you lots of time, GAS expenses, and hassles of disconnecting and taking your computer into a shop for repair and then waiting for days to get it repaired!

  • All that is required is that you have a high speed Cable or DSL internet connection and are running either Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7, and are able to get online.

  • We are available 7 days a week. Give us a call! 1-877-546-8258

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 3 Easy Steps for Computer Tune-up Services

2. Remote Computer Repair - We connect in to your pc or laptop to repair your computer problems.Connect: remote connection program allows us to connect and repair your computer without leaving the home or office.
3. watch as we repair and tune your computer
on your computer screen as we diagnosis and repair your computer!

About Remote PC Fixers
Our Computer Repair Technicians are highly qualified and motivated
to get the job done right to our customer's satisfaction.

Our mission is to deliver the best computer repair service at a low price so we can keep our customers satisfied and keep their computers working like new. Get help today!

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Client Testimonials
We were about to give up and buy a new computer when I contacted you. Now our computer is running so much better and will hopefully last a lot longer. The service was very reasonable. You cant beat not having to leave your house to get the work done. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a computer tune up!

Janet - Des Moines Iowa

There are no pop ups now and that is awesome. I ran one of the virus scans you gave me and it came up that there were no viruses. Things are fine now, after you fixed my laptop!

Barb - West Palm Beach, Florida

This service is so much better than taking it to the shop and leaving it there for weeks. I was able to get it done in the comfort of my home in my pajamas. The work is incredible and my computer has never ran this fast! Thanks so much for everything!

Cindy Albuquerque, NM

YOU Rock MY WORLD!! Like I said...YOU be my rockSSSSTAR! Thank you thank you thank you SO much!

Sue - Columbia South Carolina

Tom is an expert in his field and very passionate about his work. He is willing to take the extra step to make sure the customer is satisfied with the result. My recent December 2008 experience was finding a Trojan Virus on my home PC, which was completely cleaned and recovered in less than 2 hours after sending a message to Tom through his LinkedIn site

Steve - Chicago, IL

I highly recommend Remote PC Fixers to do the job! The other guys tried and their last comment was that I would have to wipe the disc clean and reformat but thanks to Tom Shedd and Remote PC Fixers, Inc. that would happen only in someone else dreams! Tom You Rock!

Pam Outer Banks, NC

Computer is still working fine after 8 months thanks to you.

Steve - British Columbia Canada

I don't make a move without checking with you my computer doctor first!!!!

Carol - Denver Colorado

Tom is a very talented PC fixer. He was truly concerned about what was invading my computer. My needs were put first and that isn't easy to find anymore. I had total confidence in his abilities and he was so easy to talk to; very personable. My problem was fixed and my computer runs great! He even explained to me how to help prevent the viruses from coming back and left me with excellent software to use. Thanks Tom!

Stacey - University of Southern California
My computer was on it's last leg! I work from home so I needed help fast!! My computer would barely boot up. My internet browser would open up automatically with pop-up ads. It was such a mess!! I called Tom and within minutes, he was fixing my computer and finding all kinds of spyware and key logging programs. Tom had my computer fixed in less than a day and I was able to get right back to work!! Thanks Tom!

Sonja - Stuart FL
I'm a small business owner and experienced issues with my two PCs which were slowing down my production considerably. Within four hours, Tom was able to fix my problems. What suit me best was the fact that Tom could remotely log into my PC allowing me to continue my daily work functions while he repaired my computers. His service is second to none!

Christian M. Shalay Owner - Red Wing Properties, LLC Cincinnati, Ohio
Tom.....Computer is smokin' and that is a very good thing. Thanks again for the speedy service.

Todd - Kansas City, Missouri

Tom's work is quite impressive. He fixed some serious problems with my computer in minutes. This was done remotely so there was no hassle and I didn't have to take my computer to a store I'd highly recommend his services.

Tim - Los Angles California

Tom did amazing work on my computer. He made the whole process as easily and comfortable as possible, and the speed of my computer is as fast as when I first purchased it.

Mike - Denver Colorado

Tom at Remote PC Fixers Inc has been my salvation. Tom can connect remotely to my computer and fix my computer problems while I watch from the convenience of my desk at home. No hauling computers to the shop. No waiting in lines. No hassle.

Sue - San Francisco, California

Tom was professional, extremely knowledgeable and courtesy in resolving our computer problems. He was able to remote access our laptop and remove excessive adware and potential threats to our computer. The computer runs like new again!

Mike Adams - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Thank you for excellent service in getting my desktop Dell to run faster than it has in years. I was impressed with your knowledge and appreciated your patience. In addition, thank you for being fair with the cost for the work.

Monica - Big Sky, Montana

Tom was professional, extremely knowledgeable and courtesy in resolving our computer problems. He was able to remote access our laptop and remove excessive adware and potential threats to our computer. The computer runs like new again!

Mike Adams - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


      Nationwide Remote Computer Support "Call Now"

Call Toll Free: 1-877-546-8258  Cincinnati Residents: (513) 231-4899

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